Thursday, 1 September 2011

Simultaneous UK Aerosol Conferences

It's all happening in the first full week in September which brings two conferences / exhibitions for particle scientists in the UK.

EAC 2011 the European Aerosol Conference from 4th - 9th Sept in Manchester this year promises to be the biggest and best yet, with a packed schedule and a good number of exhibition stands.  FIL will be joining the Palas GmbH team for another exhibition and will again be showing a number of innovative particle sizing instruments including:
  • Fidas Mobile - from the FIDAS range for air quality monitoring
  • Promo - Aerosol Size Spectrometer
  • Charme and UF-CPC - electrometer and universal fluid condentation particle counter from the Nano range
  • DNP 3000 - carbon / metals spark particle generator
    Fidas Mobile
PSA 2011 Particulate Systems Analysis from 5th - 7th Sept in Edinburgh, unfortunately also during the same week.  This conference again look to be well attended and I'm also looking forward to visiting Edinburgh, but this time only on the Tuesday as a visitor . 
There may be a Welas digital 3000 Aerosol Size Spectrometer system on display at the  Particle Technologies booth (an independent testing company), for those who are interested in Palas equipment.

Sven Schutz and Jurgen Spielvogel will also be presenting a couple of papers at each of the conferences.

Looking forward to a busy week and to meeting many new contacts involved in all aspects of aerosol science. See you in Manchester and Edinburgh.

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